Turducken and Drink Pairings

Dining with Alice Turducken 2014

Last year I had the opportunity to try an Original Turducken and shared my experience in my 2013 Thanksgiving Recap. I admitted I was nervous experimenting on Thanksgiving. My family was there and you know what people most look forward to on the Thanksgiving table? The Bird.

I’m Not Letting My Kids Keep Their Halloween Candy

Halloween Seuffert 2

When I was a kid I vividly remember trick-or-treating.  I remember my single mom, returning from her full-time job getting all three of us kids dressed and her trying to keep us from bursting through the front door before it was too soon. No matter the year, I always remember she made us sit down … Continue reading

5 Easy Halloween Treats

5 Easy Halloween Treats with recipes

I don’t like fussy. I don’t like fussy kids. And I don’t like fussy recipes. Seriously. If a recipe has more than 15 ingredients I usually steer clear. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Halloween treats. I know what you’re saying, “Alice, I really want to find some really easy, sugary Halloween treats to make … Continue reading

Caramel Apples

Trix Caramel Apples Rainbow

My Pursuit of Caramel Apples Every fall I go to Kowalski’s (sometimes a couple times in the fall) and buy their caramel apples and packages of Halloween mix. Seriously? What is in those candy pumpkins that come with candy corns and peanuts?!? Anyhow. I love caramel apples. Orchard, grocery store variety, whatever. I love them. … Continue reading