Grilled French Toast Breakfast Sandwiches

There’s pretty much nothing better than being a mom.  Sure I’ve had my battles with being sleep-deprived, tempertantrums of what Stella was/was not willing to wear and of course I have left the house with mass amounts of dry shampoo in my hair, baby spit up on my shirt and most recently stickers stuck to … Continue reading

Classic French Toast with Crystal Farms French Toast Batter

Sometimes a picture just tells the whole story.  I love the golden crusty bread dripping with syrup and butter just running down the side.  Weekend breakfast, something this good is just reserved for the weekend, right?  Crystal Farms has launched 3 new products to help you create yummy “weekend” breakfast any day.  I worked with … Continue reading

Egg Muffins with Crystal Farms Scrambled Eggs

  Crystal Farms has launched 3 new products to help you create yummy “weekend” breakfast any day.  I worked with Crystal Farms and Twin Cities Live on a recent segment to give viewers breakfast ideas using these time-saving product.  You can watch the March 29, 2013 segment here.  We also made Classic French Toast and you … Continue reading

Twin Cities Live and Warners’ Stellian Microwave Chef Challenge

A few times a year, Twin Cities Live asks their favorite chefs to compete against each other in a food challenge.  I’ve participated in their Mother’s Day Challenge, Cream of Mushroom Soup Challenge, Minnesota State Fair Food on a Stick Challenge and the Cub Foods $20 Chef Challenge.  I was the runner up in both the Mother’s Day and Soup contest and … Continue reading

Cap’n Crunch French Toast and Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast Sliders

Cap’n Crunch French Toast I am a big fan of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  And when I say big fan, I mean when we travel I look up where Guy Fieri has visited in the area.  I have one of Guy’s cookbooks and even my 2 year old daughter is a fan.  After our favorite burger place in St. Paul … Continue reading