Thanksgiving 2013 Recap

Do you remember where we were a week ago? Sipping wine.  Nibbling turkey.  Laughing. Can you believe Thanksgiving was only a week ago?  I thought I’d give you a recap of the Seuffert 2013 Thanksgiving.

First up, the bird.  You know what everyone talks about on Thanksgiving? The bird. People, this is the main conversation of everyone’s Thanksgiving and our house is no different!  This year I was asked if I’d like to try a Turducken on Thanksgiving. A Turducken? Talk about dreams coming true. I picked up my 10lb Original Turducken stuffed with Chicken Apple Sausage Stuffing at the Byerly’s meat department. Wait.  Do you know what a Turducken is?  Ok, I’ll start from the beginning, an Original Turducken is a Turkey stuffed with layers of duck and chicken and..chicken apple sausage stuffing. Amazing, huh?

I carefully followed the package directions and let it chill out in the fridge for a few days before Thanksgiving. It already had a seasoning rub so I just added some butter and sage leaves. Then right into the oven for some slow roasting and I followed the package directions for cooking and basted it with melted butter every hour.



I was so proud of my decision to try a Turducken on Thanksgiving.  Then I panicked. What if it didn’t turn out, I’ve never had one before, what if I cooked it wrong, how could it be so easy? Was Thanksgiving a time to experiment and use my family as guinea pigs? My friends, this is what emerged from my oven:


This bird was beautiful.  I was happy.


So I gave it to the guinea pigs.


My husband did the honors and it sliced up beautifully.  You can see the layers of juicy meat and stuffing!


We plated it up and served it with our sides.

Thanksgiving Dishes 2013

We said our Thanksgiving prayer and everyone started eating and then no one said a word.  It was pure bliss.  The day we waited for all year had arrived.  Our bellies and hearts were full.  The Turducken exceeded everyone’s expectations-it was juicy, delicious and stunning.  Stella ate 3 helpings of Turducken.  No I am not kidding.  Like a kid cavewoman she kept saying, “More meat.”  The adults agreed, it was amazing.

If you are looking for a holiday meal to impress, this is it.  On top of the fact that it is delicious and beautiful, it is actually very easy to cook and there is hardly any waste-you are paying for meat.

The night of course ended with pie-banana cream with homemade whipped cream, made by the best kitchen helpers in the world.  I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



Click here for my disclosure policy. I received an Original Turducken to try.

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