Instant Pot Taco Soup

Easy and flavorful, this Instant Pot Taco Soup makes a quick weeknight dinner that your family will love. This soup has a smoky taco flavored broth packed with beef and topped with your taco favorites. Kid-friendly, and loved by adults, this soup is a fun new meal idea and is great to stash in the freezer too!

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Losing Me in Motherhood

I was losing me in motherhood. Stranded in motherhood by the monotony of laundry, carpool logistics, and meal planning. Stuck in picking up the toys, refereeing sibling fights and begging them to put on their shoes. Mom. Mom. Mom. I wanted to change my name. I wanted time alone. I was at the point where … Continue reading

I Haven’t Lost the Baby Weight

About the pressure to lose the baby weight and the strength to find the new normal in your mom body this summer. This essay was republished on Scary Mommy. The four of us scrunched into the pizza parlor booth. Our new babies sat sleeping in their infant carriers around us. We sipped sodas and ate pizza … Continue reading