Remembering Loved Ones Through Food

The beauty of food memories and remembering loved ones with recipes from the heart.Remembering Loved Ones

I blew a giant raspberry kiss on his cheek as I buckled him into his car seat. It’s probably not the sort of thing you should teach a three-year-old during cold and flu season but as I blew the kiss, he giggled with delight. That’s a Grandpa Jerry kiss, I told him and instantly was transported back to the living room of my grandparents’ house and the sweet and loving kisses my grandfather would give me at every hello and goodbye. This ability to take memories about loved ones and share them with my children is how I am now remembering loved ones.

I don’t have to hold evidence of the memory to make it real and to make it live on.

[bctt tweet=”Memories reside in our hearts and our hands when we prepare joy-filled food”]

Sometimes in cooking, we want the exact recipe from the loved ones we’ve lost. The recipe card with the handwriting and butter splatter fingerprints.

But what if we found other ways to connect and remember loved ones through food?

I’m sharing my heart and some favorite food memories and I’d love for you to read it on BonBon Break in their Connect theme.

Bonbon Break

This month the Connect theme is sponsored by Our Pact, a super easy app for parents to use to regulate screen time for their kids. And true confession, I have it installed on our iPad and *may* have locked my husband out of a few baseball games this summer. Shh, though, he has no idea. But really, it has been great with the transition time after the iPad time is over. Thank you to Our Pact for sponsoring content on BonBon Break and paying writers for their work, which helps us support our families.

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