Goal Setting in Motherhood

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How do you set goals as a mom when there are so many other distractions?

My answer: it’s a race, but it’s not a race.

As moms, living the day-to-day is challenging enough. When you throw in goal setting, it’s hard not to feel defeated and give up.

Motherhood is a constant race of sprinting and bouncing your attention. But remember, it is your race. You set the speed for how you approach and finish your goals as a mother.

I’m a featured writer on BonBon Break this month in their Inspire theme sharing my perspective on goal setting in motherhood, in my piece, It’s A Race But It’s Not A Race.

I’d love if you’d come over to BonBon Break and read my piece. Whether your goal is to run, finish a craft project, take a class or write your first blog post, I would love for you to read what I have to say about the goal setting in motherhood and being kind to yourself along the way.

Click here to read the full post on BonBon Break.

Bonbon Break

This month the Inspire theme is sponsored by Our Pact, a super easy app for parents to use to regulate screen time for their kids. And true confession, I have it installed on our iPad and *may* have locked my husband out of a few baseball games this summer. Shh, though, he has no idea. Thank you to Our Pact for sponsoring content on BonBon Break and paying writers for their work, which helps us support our families.

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  1. Thanks for this article. Also, I would like to recommend another parental control app. It is called Kidslox (www.kidslox.com). We use it for some time now and my family is satisfied (I can’t tell that kids are satisfied, but it is the point, right?)

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