Quick-Eat-A Carnita

For the final day of the Twin Cities Live Kitchen Star Competition, I needed to make a recipe that had only 5 ingredients. I made these Carnitas(Spanish terminolgy for pulled pork tacos) a few weeks before for Bubbie and Will. Pork Tenderloin happen to be on sale and we were in need of some home-cooked food in our house. I put it in the crockpot on a Thursday night and on Friday we had a delicious crock full of pulled pork. We used what we had in our fridge at the time, which happened to be the below ingredients and it was a hit. I like to use the Trader Joe’s peanut dressing if you shop at TJ’s. For the challenge I had to shop at Cub and the closest thing was Kraft Sesame dressing. These are great for a Friday night when you try and stop yourself from dialing your local pizza joint’s phone number.

Final Twin Cities Live Kitchen Star Recap

Final Twin Cities Live Kitchen Star Cooking Demo

Final Twin Cities Live Kitchen Star Revealed

1 Extra Lean Pork Center Cut Loin Filet (Mesquite Barbeque Flavor)
2 Avocados
1 Red Cabbage (shredded)
1 Package of Medium Size Tortillas
1 Bottle of Kraft Asian Toasted Sesame Dressing

Remove visible fat from Pork Loin. Place Pork in crock-pot on low with 4 cups of water. Run crock-pot on low for 8 hours.

When pork is done cooking, drain water and fat. Pork will “pull” or fall apart easily with a fork. Set aside.

Dice avocado and set aside. Shred cabbage and set aside.

Heat tortillas and stuff with pork, avocado and cabbage. Drizzle with Sesame dressing.

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