Last-Minute Thanksgiving Meal Ideas

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Here are some of my last-minute Thanksgiving meal ideas and a giveaway for a Turducken Roast!

Is your turkey defrosting?

What? You haven’t bought your turkey yet?!?!

No worries, here are some last-minute Thanksgiving meal ideas that I showed on Twin Cities Live on November 25, 2014.  Plus a chance for you to win your own Turducken roast-scroll to the bottom to enter! For a blog entry tell me a crazy or funny Thanksgiving story!

Turducken Premium Roast

Price Range:$10-11/lb

About: Smaller version of the Original Turducken Roast. De-boned duck and chicken breasts are wrapped up with sausage stuffing into a whole turkey, also deboned. The turkey’s wings and drumsticks are removed, and it is then formed into a football-sized roast.

Cooking and Preparation: Comes frozen. Defrost the roast (for fast defrost soak in water). Remove from packaging and roast on top of vegetables with broth or in a roasting pan with a rack. Cook until internal temp reaches 165. Baste roast with ½ stick butter every 30-45 minutes.

Serves: 8-10 Adults

MN Craft Beer Pairing: Borealis Mon Cherries from Knife River, MN. A Belgian style dubbel ale brewed using chocolate malts and MN cherries.  They complete the beer by aging on a specialty MN toasted oak lending to a wonderful smokey finish. Great beer to pair with the duck contained in the Turducken Roast.


Apple Cider Brined Turkey Breast

Price Range: $5.99/lb

About: The Turkey is from a Cannon Falls, Minnesota farm and brined in fresh apple cider from Montgomery Minnesota. It is seasoned with herbs, shallots and sea salt. It is a boneless turkey with a drumette.

Cooking and Preparation: Comes fresh. Remove from packaging, lightly rinse if desired. Roast on top of vegetables with broth or in a roasting pan with a rack. Cook until internal temp reaches 165. Baste roast with ½ stick butter every 30-45 minutes.

Serves: 7-10

MN Craft Beer Pairing: Rhubarb Wit by Blacklist from Duluth, MN. Perfectly light wheat beer with a mildly sweet and fresh flavor of rhubarb pairs perfect with the herbs and shallots in the turkey brine and seasoning.


Rotisserie Turkey Sliced Boneless or Bone-in

Price Range: $11.99/lb for boneless and $6.99/bone in

About: Fully cooked turkey available sliced or in a take home container in the deli. Perfect for those going to someone else’s house and want Thanksgiving leftovers especially Turkey sandwiches.

Cooking and Preparation: Comes fully cooked.

Serves: Depends on size

MN Craft Beer Pairing: Walleye Chop from Bank Brewing a copper lager with a refreshing taste and hoppy flavor. Bank Brewing is run by a young mom and dad in a former bank building and creamery in Hendricks, MN. The Walleye Chop is part of their Wildlife Series beers and they give a portion of the beer’s profits to wildlife land acquisitions and preservation.



  • Call ahead to check on specific product availability.
  • Stores are closed on Thanksgiving Day so plan to purchase your recipe ingredients before Thursday.
  • Stock up on any extra items you may need like butter, broth or heavy cream.
  • Stores are usually very busy on Black Friday so purchase meal ingredients you’ll need with your Thanksgiving leftovers beforehand (bread for turkey sandwiches).
  • You can purchase fully-cooked side items like mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce and stuffing at Kowalski’s and Lund’s and Byerly’s.
  • Are you hosting and guests want to know what to bring? Suggest MN craft beer or wine and have them bring several and do a tasting.

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