What I ate: 5 Course Tasting Menu ($52 plus tax and gratuity)

  • Semolina porridege with 5 minute egg, fresh hearts of palm and king trumpet mushrooms
  • Waygu beef tartar with fermented white asparagus, black sea salt and smoke
  • Maine lobster with avocado, couscous, tabiko and yogurt
  • Duck presse with artichokes, steel cut oats, Spanish chorizo and mahon
  • Braised pineapple with chocolate, nuts, caramel and smoke milk

You must try: The Duck Presse.  Yes, duck presse is a bit scary in thinking about its process but thinking about the effort and work that went into that preparation was the exact reason I ordered it.  This is the epitome of haute cuisine, pure elegance.  I loved the chorizo in this dish and the Spanish cheese, Mahon was a surprisingly delicous addition.

Good to know: Piccolo is small.  For some Minnesotans being seated a foot away from the next table is uncomfortable. The plates are beautiful and wonderfully executed.  I’m confident saying that this was the best meal I have ever had.  That being said, the atmosphere wasn’t my favorite part of the experience, it was pretty tranquil and I could hear every word of the conversations next to us which is awkward when you are there for a romantic dinner with your significant other.  Make a reservation before you visit.  I saw a large group go into the kitchen so I assume there is a chef’s table but the web page doesn’t mention one.  Prepare for an amazing dinner, I have had nothing like it and had a hard time narrowing down what was my favorite, every bite was memorable.

4300 Bryant Ave S  Minneapolis, MN 55409
(612) 827-8111

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