Mother’s Day Cookie Temptations Giveaway

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Moms are awesome.  Seriously.  I never had a true appreciation for how amazing my mom was until I became one.  And those decisions that she made that I once questioned as a teenager, I without a doubt fully understand and maybe even applaud now. Someday I’ll tell you about the leather jeans.


The true gift for me has been to see the Grandma my mom has become to our children and the support she has been to me in my journey as a mom.  She also has been somewhat willing to try some of my weird cooking creations through the years. Right, mom?  In celebration of Mother’s Day I’m sharing an old post- my very favorite recipe my mom taught me, Granny Alice’s Fried Chicken.  I’m also giving you a chance to win a Mother’s Day cookie delivery from Cookie Temptations!  Remember those cookies I told you about? Here’s the post about those yummy cookies from a Minnesota company.  Enter the Rafflecopter for a chance to win this Mother’s Day assortment from Cookie Temptations and you can have it delivered to yourself of someone else in the United States! For an easy entry, comment below and tell me your favorite memory of your mother.

Click here for Granny Alice’s Fried Chicken Recipe!

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11 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Cookie Temptations Giveaway

  1. After I had kids, I was able to appreciate my mom for all the love, caring and sacrifices she gave for me and the rest of our family. No one can appreciate a mom’s job until they become a mom!

  2. My favorite memory or my mom, was when I would come home from Kindergarten. She would make my lunch and visit with me until i decided to go play. It was time we had together before my sister came home.

  3. My favorite memory of my mom, was watching her make homemade breads and buns for us and the neighbors. The house would smell so good while everything baked. As soon as they were done, my mom would put them in a basket, and I would get on my bike and deliver them to her lady friends’ homes. Funny thing, my mom thought she was a terrible cook but I always knew different.

  4. My favorite memory of my Mom was when she would pack me a picnic lunch , then I would go sit under a tree and eat my lunch pretending I was at the beach,

  5. My favorite memory of my mom is when I would talk to her after school while she was working in her leather shop in the basement. She was always there when I got home.

  6. I was a “walker” all through my school years and mom ran a business from home. K through 12, I came home at least once a week for a home cooked lunch and Mom time.

  7. One of my favorite memories of my mom was after the Comfrey tornado. I lost my apartment. My mom was my rock in the days and weeks that followed. She was with me to sort through the rubble, to get help and benefits from the Salvation Army, attended community meetings with me, and helped me rebuild my life.

  8. My favorite memories of my mom are anytime she’s with my children, her grandchildren. I think my mom was born to be a grandma and it’s so fun and wonderful to see her with my kids.

  9. It is hard to pick just one memory! One of my favorite memories is cooking with my mom, she has inspired a life long love of cooking in me!

  10. When I was at home, Mom was a great cook. Ever time she made her potato salad, we wanted a big spoon full while it was still warm. She had to watch us because we wanted to go back for seconds and she hated double dipping. We went though a lot of spoons. Surprised any made it to the meal. 😉

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