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I love getting mail, no not email. I’m talking about real mail-especially packages.  I remember when I was in college and my mom would send me care packages. I went to college in Florida so getting her special notes and gifts from Minnesota meant the world to me, it was a small connection to home.  Fast forward years later and here I am, still loving getting packages in the mail-especially food packages! Recently I got an email from Jennifer Young aka the Cookie Lady from Cookie Temptations asking me if I’d like to try her homemade sugar cookies from Duluth, Minnesota. Of course I said yes and a few days later, the lovely package arrived.  My kids share my love of packages and as soon as they saw the box, a constant, “What’s in it, Mom?!?” was heard all night. Not one to give cookies before bed, I let them open it with me the next day.  And, this my friends is what was inside that box:

DSC_0176 DSC_0182 DSC_0189

Beautiful right? But did they taste as good as they looked? Yes! Did you see that dark chocolate moose cookie in the first picture? I ate it myself. No, I did not share it with my kids or even my husband who innocently said, “Hey hun, where’s that moose cookie?”  Stella’s favorite was the ice cream cone cookie.  My mom and Will both loved the Little Bites Platter, in fact at one point I had to put them away because we kept popping them in our mouths like they were melty mints.  I thought the most beautiful arrangement included in the box was the Sunny Yellow Daisy cookie.  Nestled inside a coffee cup, this stunning spring cookie comes with three cookie pieces and even a pack of seeds ready for planting!  I also tried the Gluten-free cookies, which for me tasted just like the others so I’d say they are excellent! For those interested in Gluten-free options, you can choose standard or gluten-free when you order the cookies.

What I love: The cookies! Seriously, they were so yummy! But I also love that this is a Minnesota company and Jennifer’s story of starting her own business.  I also love that she has a program called Cookies for Hope where she raises money for local families that have experienced a life threatening disease or accident.

What I would recommend: I love getting specially decorated cookies for the Easter baskets each year and I love the designs on the Easter page (especially those chocolate bunnies). I think ordering these cookies would be an extremely thoughtful and delicious gift to have delivered whether it was for personal or professional reasons.  She also has the only chocolate QR code on the market, so your cookies can have a special QR code with your web page on it! Seriously, I think that is so awesome!

I have a surprise for you! I know you have waited for spring so long this year so I am giving you a chance to win a Spring Cookie Delivery from Cookie Temptations for you or to send to a friend in the United States!  Follow the Rafflecopter directions to enter. For blog comments, tell me your favorite care package or easter basket gift memory!
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Click here for my disclosure policy. I received cookies from Cookie Temptations.

7 thoughts on “Cookie Temptations

  1. I am thrilled your family like my cookies. Thank you for willing to try them! Look forward to sending the lucky winner their bouquet! Thanks again Alice. Sincerely, the cookie lady.

  2. Definitely the college care packages I received from my sister in London: Jaffa cakes, McVities digestives and flake chocolate!

  3. My favorite care package was “breakfast”. I had lived in Rapid City for a summer for an internship in College. A fun little bakery had the most amazing rasberry cream cheese muffins. Have never found anything like them. Anyway a friend mailed me a surprise breakfast with those muffins and juice after I moved away to finish college.

    • Oops, I forgot to mention my favorite care package…that would probably be when I sent DC Cupcakes to my daughter for her birthday when she was away at college. She was SO excited when she saw the pink box.

  4. My favorite care package was my 80 year old mom (now 90) sends a big round tin with her pound cake. Half vanilla and half chocolate. So moist and great memories. It was expensive for her to make and then more expensive to ship but mom knew how much I loved her pound cake.

  5. One year my Easter basket had a few plastic eggs with some coins in it and a trail to the upstairs and egg hunt area. Once my brother and I gathered all the eggs, we opened them and found some with a few coins each and others with candy. But there were a few with special $1 bills. Such a hit the tradition continued with my kids.

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