Sizzling Summer Salad

The Fourth of July brings so many families and friends together around grills and for some that means a whole lot of hamburgers and hotdogs. For us it was a whole lot of cheddar bratwursts, potato salad and oh yeah, multiple stops to the Dairy Queen for custom chocoholic blizzards. So for something light, I created the Sizzling Summer Salad. Its a grilled steak salad with a sweet peanut sauce and a refreshing mango salsa. Flank steak is a cut of lower fat beef and is readily available at Trader Joe’s and local farmer’s markets. If flank steak isn’t available at your favorite store, ask your butcher for a lower fat, thin steak or look for a skirt steak. The sweet peanut sauce is so versatile. You can use it to sauce up meats such as beef and chicken or even tofu. Here we use it for a meat sauce and salad dressing, but it would also be a great pasta sauce or dip! We’ve had this dish for family and friends and it makes such a great presentation right off the grill. It’s also a great dish to pack up and enjoy at picnic or outdoor concert this summer!

Click here to watch the July 6, 2010 episode of TCL when I made this recipe.

Sweet Peanut Sauce
½ Cup Peanut Butter (I prefer Skippy Creamy Natural)
½ Cup Honey
2 TB Honey Mustard
2 TB Chili Garlic Sauce
1 TB Soy Sauce
¼ Cup Olive Oil
1 lb Flank Steak

Mango Salsa
2 Mangoes (diced)
¼ Cup Red Onion (diced)
1 tsp chopped Jalapeno
1 tsp Cumin
½ Cup Cilantro
1 Pineapple grilled (diced) or 1 medium can of diced pineapple

4 Cups of Salad Greens
4 Crispy Tostadas
4 TB Feta Cheese

Mix peanut butter, honey, honey mustard, chili garlic sauce, soy sauce and olive oil. Makes about 1 ½ cups-reserve ¾ cup and set aside. In a large pan, use remaining sauce to cover the flank steak. Brush sauce on both sides of steak.

Cook steak according to your preferred temperature. Grill temps vary but a medium steak temperature will be ready after about 5-8 minutes each side on a covered, medium temp grill.

In a medium sized bowl, combine diced mango, red onion, jalapeno, cumin and cilantro (if using canned pineapple add it at this time). Slice up pineapple into four slices. When steak is cooking on the second side, place pineapple on direct heat and let sear on each side. Remove pineapple from grill, dice and add to mango salsa mixture.

Remove steak from grill and slice into 4 portions. For each serving, layer with a tostada, 1 cup of salad greens, 1 TB of sweet peanut sauce, ½ cup mango salsa, 4 strips of steak and 1 TB of feta crumbles.

Makes 4 servings with extra salsa and sweet peanut sauce.

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