It Won’t Always Be Like This

I’m deep into a double coffee and Diet Coke day to get through the workload. I’m so desperately tired from kids who are sick or don’t sleep through the night. I’m trying my very best to get through the day, workweek, and year. I want to pursue my career and be a good mom. I want to take care of myself but sometimes only my latest dentist appointment feels like relaxing. I know there will be a day when I walk to the coffee shop and sit down with a book without anxiety about rushing and shuffling. That day will come and I’ll await the calls from my kids and be hopeful for invitations to be with them.

It won’t always be like this.

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When Mother’s Day Isn’t Perfect

Mother’s Day Isn’t Perfect. We shouldn’t expect Mother’s Day to be perfect because motherhood isn’t perfect. Define, celebrate and reflect on motherhood in your own way. I waited impatiently for the light to blink and indicate the street was safe to cross. Late for a meeting, my mind was clouded and I just wanted to … Continue reading