Sid the Science Kid Exhibit

Sid the Science Kid Treehouse

The Sid the Science Kid exhibit at the Minnesota Children’s Museum is a perfect way to discover the extraordinary scientific secrets hidden in our ordinary world.

I am a Smart Play Ambassador with the Minnesota Children’s Museum and we explore various topics and share the educational learning opportunities at the museum as well as apply it to our own lives. In this post I’m sharing my experience at the Sid the Science Kid Exhibit.

The minute you walk into the new Sid the Science Kid Exhibit, our very favorite music is playing. Moms, you know what I’m talking about:

The “I love my mom” song is playing from Sid’s car, where kids can climb in and out and drive.  To the right is the entrance to Sid’s house, and specifically the Kitchen! My kids have logged so many hours at the Minnesota Children’s Museum Sae Mot Restaurant and grocery store I was so excited to see this giant kitchen.Sid the Science Kid Exhibit

Our first stop in the kitchen was the dinner table where baby Zeke is hanging out.  Here the children and use the food to find a healthy breakfast.  On the kitchen prep table were cookie sheets with patterns laminated and then the kids would pull cookies from the jar and try to match the pattern.

Sid the Science Kid Exhibit

The fridge in the kitchen had some enclosed storage where the kids could look at food patterns. I walked Wes through the patterns and several kids came closer to check it out and even yell out the next food.  The fridge was huge and could open and close so it was a big hit with the kids.

Sid the Science Kid Exhibit

I loved the food weigh station in the Sid the Science Kid Exhibit. Using a food scale, the kids can see which jar of food weighs the most.  Wes was content trying to pick up and weigh each one. When we return with Stella I could see us asking her to guess first which ones were going to be the heaviest and she could experiment.

Sid the Science Kid ExhibitWhen you leave the kitchen, you head into Sid’s bedroom.  Here the kids can check out measuring using blocks and try to see how high you can stack the blocks to reach Sid and Zeke’s height.Sid the Science Kid Exhibit

Sid’s bedroom also has a bed where kids are encouraged to stand on and try out the toy machine.  The toy machine launches little bean bags across the room. I asked a volunteer where the best place for the kids to stand when slamming it down and she said, “Many kids like to stand there, but really it’s all about experimentation.” What a great reminder. While Wes was very close to hitting himself in the face with the toy machine, HE thought he was doing it and making the machine run!

Sid the Science Kid Exhibit

The treehouse is a great place for the kids to climb up and check out sound experimentation.  Wes and another boy were using the phone to send sounds back and forth.Sid the Science Kid Exhibit

One of the biggest surprises for me was the indoor playground! You could collectively hear the parents saying, “YES!” to each other when seeing this play equipment.

Sid the Science Kid Exhibit

Wes loved playing underneath the playground set.  The light created dots that actually made him look camouflaged, which he loved.  It made me think of that X-Men character.

Sid the Science Kid Exhibit Sid the Science Kid Exhibit Playground Under

Can you believe I haven’t even showed you everything? Seriously. There is more! Computers, dancing and more experiments, you need to go check it out! The Sid the Science Kid Exhibit is perfect for a variety of ages and is a great place to get the winter wiggles out and become “science kids!” The exhibit runs from January 31-May 31, 2015.

I’m giving my readers a chance to win a four pack of tickets to the museum! Follow the Rafflecopter instructions to enter and for a blog comment, tell me what you’d like to check out at the Sid the Science Kid Exhibit!

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For more information about Sid the Science Kid you can check out PBS Kids and for a really great interview with one of the show’s co-producers, check out Why Little Kids are the “Big Idea” Behind Sid the Science Kid. I love this:

“I reflect upon this story time and again when developing and producing television for the preschool audience. There are truths to be found in this roly-poly encounter; truths that we mixed into our show paint when we set out to create Sid the Science Kid. They are:

  • Don’t assume you know what children want to see; they may surprise you. Be open to the possibilities.
  • Children love to learn. They are fascinated by the world around them.
  • Get down on their level. There is a lot YOU can learn.
  • All parents think their children are geniuses and can charm even a meerkat.”

Sid the Science Kid Exhibit Collage


31 thoughts on “Sid the Science Kid Exhibit

  1. Great recap, Alice! I have to say that this has been my favorite exhibit so far. My daughter loved the car and came running singing the song to me, and she enjoyed feeding Sid’s little brother. And I could not get my son away from the tree house and toy launcher. We had a blast last night, and some tears were shed when it was time to leave. We will be going back to see Sid very soon!

  2. My son would love the Sid exhibit! It looks adorable and I would love to win passes for our family of 4. The kitchen would be my favorite to share with my kids I think!

  3. My kids love Sid the Science kid, we sing the songs all the time, and I know my kids would love to play on Sid’s playground!!!

  4. My children would both love this exhibit! I had no clue it was coming to the Children’s Museum! I’m not sure what my kids would love the best but I would say all of it!

  5. We love science, and we love Sid the Science Kid! Hoping to make it to this exhibit with my family, your summary has us excited!

  6. Sid the Science guy is such a great show. We have never been to the Children’s museum but have been wanting to go. I think my girls would especially love tge kitchen and indoor playground.

  7. This would be the perfect opportunity for my daughter’s first trip to the Museum! I think she would love the kitchen the best 🙂

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