To The Mamas Underwater

To the Mamas Underwater. You are not alone. She may be overwhelmed but let her know she isn’t alone. We need each other. We are all one motherhood storm away from being pulled underwater.

When my second baby was born at 11 pounds, I was peppered with the same statements about sleeping that I was given when I had my 9.5 pound baby, “Oh you know the nice thing about big babies? They sleep!” I would kindly nod when these parenting experts would share their wisdom about sleep and then I would resume drinking my double shot latte.

As I suspected, the “big baby sleep theory” was unfounded and only served to ignite the madness I felt in my sleep deprivation and did nothing to comfort my feelings of being overwhelmed as a new mom.

I felt underwater.

I felt scared.

I felt angry.

I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing.

I felt like I wasn’t doing anything very well: mothering, working or being a partner.

I felt alone.

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