Belly Button

The map of my motherhood; the story of where it all began. My belly button tells the story of my connection to my own mother and how I became a mother to my children. Treasure those tiny newborn belly buttons, admire the belly buttons on your big kids and appreciate your own belly button for the story it tells of your motherhood experience.

Belly Button Baby

I hugged her against my chest in the doctor’s office. Naked except for a diaper, her warm skin was exposed as we waited for the doctor. Her fuzzy newborn head bounced like a bobble head doll, taking sporadic breaks to rest on my shoulder and then it would pop up again. We waited.

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The Sadness When You’re Done Having Babies

If you’re done having babies and you feel moments of sadness, don’t be ashamed. It’s okay to feel both confidence and sadness. It is possible to feel both confident and sad in your decision about being done having babies. It is okay to be sad and take the time to grieve the end of having … Continue reading

To The Mamas Underwater

When my second baby was born at 11 pounds, I was peppered with the same statements about sleeping that I was given when I had my 9.5 pound baby, “Oh you know the nice thing about big babies? They sleep!” I would kindly nod when these parenting experts would share their wisdom about sleep and … Continue reading

Goal Setting in Motherhood

How do you set goals as a mom when there are so many other distractions? My answer: it’s a race, but it’s not a race. As moms, living the day-to-day is challenging enough. When you throw in goal setting, it’s hard not to feel defeated and give up. Motherhood is a constant race of sprinting … Continue reading