Caramel Apples

My Pursuit of Caramel Apples Every fall I go to Kowalski’s (sometimes a couple times in the fall) and buy their caramel apples and packages of Halloween mix. Seriously? What is in those candy pumpkins that come with candy corns and peanuts?!? Anyhow. I love caramel apples. Orchard, grocery store variety, whatever. I love them. … Continue reading

Pistachio Salad

Our family is headed out to our neighborhood National Night Out tonight and we’re bringing one of my very favorite potluck salads. It’s know by several different names-Pistachio Salad, Watergate Salad and just plain, “Green Salad.” It’s funny because it is about the furthest thing from a salad. It’s a Minnesota tradition and something I … Continue reading

Fruitcake Cookies

  Fruitcake doesn’t have the greatest reputation.  All of the key things are in there to make it something special but sadly it always falls short.  Miserably short.  But you know what? People still buy it!  I feel bad for it, dried fruit and nuts-it could be so wonderful.  So I decided Fruitcake needed a … Continue reading