I’m Not Letting My Kids Keep Their Halloween Candy

Halloween Seuffert 2

When I was a kid I vividly remember trick-or-treating.  I remember my single mom, returning from her full-time job getting all three of us kids dressed and her trying to keep us from bursting through the front door before it was too soon. No matter the year, I always remember she made us sit down … Continue reading

Target Cartwheel

Grocery Shopping

Everything you need to know about using the Target Cartwheel App and saving hundreds of dollars on your purchases at Target!  Update: You. Guys. My tips and experience using the Target Cartwheel App were featured on Good Morning America, Nightline News and World News Tonight with David Muir (video below)! I’m so thankful for all … Continue reading

Creativity Jam

MN State Fair Giant Slide

I am currently serving as a Smart Play Ambassador with the Minnesota Children’s Museum and each month we explore various topics and share the educational learning opportunities at the museum as well as apply it to our own lives.  This month we are talking about one of the 7C’s-creative thinking at the Creativity Jam exhibit. I visited the first Creativity … Continue reading